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Faculty FRIDAY, 29.10.2010    
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Photo Gallery Prof  Dr G. Barbagli; Akademik Prof dr V. Susic;    
Contact Akademik Prof Dr V. Bumbasirevic; Prof  Dr R. Scepanovic;  Dr R. Djinovic    

08.20-13.30 LIVE SURGERY



    Moderators:    C. Bettocchi, R. Dahlem    
AMS 800 sphincter implantation    
I. Moncada, J. I Martinez-Salamanca    
IPP - Corporal grafting with semirigid prosthesis implantation    
E. Austoni, D. Kourbatov    
    Moderators:    E. Austoni, C. Tulic    
IPP - Complex grafting + AMS700 MS Ultrex inflatable prosthesis implantation    

R. Djinovic, F. Colombo

 IPP - Dorsal  grafting using geometrical principle    
P. Egydio, S. Sansalone    
    Moderators:    G. Barbagli, A. Vuksanovic    
Bulbar stricture - Ventral onlay BMG urethroplasty    
R. Dahlem, V. Vukotic    
Penile cancer - organ sparing surgery    
N. Djakovic, M. Lazic    
Surgical treatment for Peyronies: a tailored approach for  single patient    
F. Colombo    
Corporal grafting in IPP using buccal mucosa graft    
A. Zucchhi    
Sphincter surgery - how to predict, prevent and treat complications    
I. Moncada    
Corporal grafting using artificial grafts    
D. Kourbatov    
Corporal grafting - peno-scrotal approach    
E. Austoni    
Combined grafting in IPP    
R. Djinovic    
13:30-14:00 LUNCH BREAK    
14:00-16:00  LIVE SURGERY:    
    Moderators:    F. Colombo, S. Tomovic    
 AMS700 MS Ultrex penile prosthesis implantation    
C. Bettocchi, F. Palumbo    
 Anterior panurethral stricture - BMG Urethroplasty    
R. Djinovic, A. Zucchhi    
Correction of post-SRS complications    
P. Tiewtranon    
Urethral reconstruction using different grafts : advantages and disadvantages    
R. Dahlem    
Corporal grafting: how to predict, prevent and treat complications    
P. Egydio    
16:00-16:40 ROUND TABLE:    
Do we have standards in IPP treatment?    
P. Egydio, E. Austoni, C. Bettocchi, A. Zucchi, F. Colombo, D. Kourbatov, R. Djinovic    
16:40-17:25 LECTURES    
    Moderators:    P. Egydio, S. Sansalone    
Prosthesis surgery - how to predict, prevent and treat complications    
C. Bettocchi    
Prosthesis implantation without dilation - cavernosal tissue sparing    
J. I. Martinez-Salamanca    
Penile enhancement - can we really enlarge the penis?    
J.H. Kim    
Corporoplasty for penile curvature - tunical attenuation technique    

W. Perdzynski

17:25 - 17:45 PODIUM SESSION    
    Moderators:    J.I. Martinez-Salamanca,  A. Zucchhi    
The use of definitive perineal urethrostomy    
G. Romano, G. Barbagli, S. Sansalone    
Total phalloplasty – the technique and problems    
M. Milosavljevic, V. Pesic, S. Tomovic, N. Jeremic, N. Stanojevic, R Djinovic    
17:45-18:00  Discussion    
18:00 Closure    
SATURDAY, 30.10.2010    
08.00-13.30 LIVE SURGERY    
    Moderators:    E. Austoni, S. Micic    
Direct anastomotic repair with bulbospongiosus preservation    
G. Barbagli, G. Romano, S. Sansalone    
Virtue sling implantation for post-prostatectomy incontinence    
E.Kocjancic, B. Frea, N. Jeremic    
    Moderators:    R. Dahlem,  M. Lazic    
Buccal mucosa urethroplasty for double bulbar urethra stricture    
G. Barbagli, G. Romano, S. Sansalone    
Re-implantation of AMS 800     
R. Olianas, D. Borousas, V. Pesic    
    Moderators:    E. Kocjancic, J.I. Salamanca    
2nd stage urethroplasty post BMG    
R. Djinovic, A. Zucchi, N. Stanojevic    
Posterior urethra repair - direct anastomosis    
R. Olianas, D. Borousas, M. Milosavljevic    
Prostate mobilization for posterior urethral stricture repair    

E. Austoni

Artificial sphincter - implantation tips and tricks    
R. Olianas    
Two-stage BMG urethroplasty in recurrent bulbo-membranous    
urethral stricture/obstruction    
R. Djinovic    
Male infertility surgery - challenges and problems    
C. Niederberger    
Partial Penile Neurectomy for Management of Premature Ejaculation    
Aref El-Seweifi    
Male incontinence surgery - options and success    
E. Kocjancic    
13:00-14:00 LUNCH BREAK    
14:00-16:00  LIVE SURGERY    
    Moderators:    N. Djakovic, I. Vukovic    
Advance sling implantation for post-prostatectomy incontinence    

B. Frea, E. Kocjancic, S. Tomovic

Double (pendular and bulbar) urethral stricture: BMG Urethroplasty    
G. Barbagli, G. Romano, S. Sansalone    
Neophallus urethroplasty using buccal mucosa graft  post Fournier gangrene    
R. Djinovic, A. Gekas, V. Pesic    
Why do we have failures in urethral reconstructive surgery?    
G. Barbagli    
Surgical challenge in patients who underwent failed hypospadias    
repair: is it time to change?    
S. Sansalone    
Failed Hypospadias - how often it is and how to prevent it?    
G. Barbagli    
Failed Hypospadias - treatment options    
R. Djinovic    
16:00 - 16:45 ROUND TABLE:    
Failed urethral/ hypospadias repair - can we improve results?    
G. Barbagli, E. Austoni, R. Dahlem, S. Sansalone, R. Olianas, R. Djinovic    
16:45-17:15 ROUND TABLE:    
Male urinary incontinence - treatment success/complications?    
E. Kocjancic, R. Olianas, G. Barbagli, R. Dahlem, N. Djakovic    
17:15 - 17:45 VIDEO  SESSION     
    Moderators:    C. Niederberger , A. Zucchhi    
Strategic Decision Making in Management of Combined Benign Hyperplasia    
of the Prostate and Erectile Dysfunction    
Aref El-Seweifi    
Iatrogenic trapped penis in adults: New, simple 2-stage repair    
A. Zucchi, M.D. Zignaro, F. Fioretti, L. Mearini, R. Djinovic    
Surgical Management of complicated cases of Peyronie’s Disease using    
Buccal Mucosa and Geometrical Plaque Incision     
Aref El-Seweifi    

18:00 – 18.15 CLOSING REMARKS        

G. Barbagli, R. Djinovic    

20.30 - 23.30 GALLA DINNER (Restaurant "Kalemegdanska Terasa")